Friday, June 16 2017 - Poplar Road Public School Poplar Road Strawberry Festival

2016 Basket Raffle info - 2017 info to come, stay tuned!

Last call for basket raffle donations! We really need an extra push over the next few days to fill up our baskets! If you haven't donated yet, here's some suggestions for things we still need. If you don't have time to shop but you'd like to contribute, monetary donations are welcome and will be used to finish shopping for the baskets. Please get all donations in by next Tuesday June 14 at the latest!

Pets – Ms. Amodeo, Primary & Junior DD Classes

• Pet food – dog or cat food
• Treats
• Cat Scratch Post
• Cat toys
• Dog toys
• Pet magazines
• Leash

Kitchen & Eats – Mr. Etienne & Mr. Stafford

• Serving platter
• Food – special indulgences such as candy, chocolate, coffee
• Wine
• Recipe books

Sports & Outdoors – Ms. Liu & Mllme. Shash

We have lots of sports stuff (thank you to those who have already donated!) but could use some outdoor-themed items such as:
• Solar lanterns
• BBQ tools 
• Non-breakable glasses
• Craft beer
• Citronella candles
• Smores Kit
• BBQ ingredients such as rubs / sauces

Family Fun Time – Both Kindergarten classes

• Water balloon kit
• Inflatable pool
• Puzzle books
• Bocce ball set
• Movie passes
• Snacks – popcorn, candy, etc
• Beach Towels

Arts & Crafts – Ms. Lawrence & Mr. Corlett

We have some paint supplies, but could use more of the following:
• Sketch books
• Construction paper
• Markers
• Pastels
• Pencil crayons
• Coloured clay or plasticine
• Kids craft kits
• Frames

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